Small Claims Court

Put 27 years of experience in your corner. Let Cramer Legal develop a strategy to help tilt the scales of justice in your favour. No big retainers, no nickel-and-diming for emails or phone calls, just excellent results without surprises.

Traffic Tickets

Got a ticket? No worries, it happens to the best of us. That does not mean you have to suffer the consequences. Fines and rising insurance premiums can be a big financial burden. Let Cramer Legal act as your agent in the Provincial Offences Court. We will test the Crown’s evidence against you and aim for the best possible outcome.

Seminars and Consulting

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Mistakes can be costly and sometimes irreversible. Let Cramer Legal point you in the right direction. Maybe a day at a seminar or on an onsite consultation is the answer? We have economical solutions for your needs.

Receivables Recovery

 Cramer Legal is your judgment enforcement expert. A quick due diligence of your receivables will reveal the accounts best suited for legal action. Cramer Legal will only target an account for legal action when the circumstances are such that recovery is probable.