taffic_tickets_cramerlegalDid you know that the Ministry of Transportation Demerit Point System and the point system insurance companies use are entirely unrelated?

Insurance companies assign their own points for each infraction you get under the Highway Traffic Act or the Criminal Code. While MTO Demerit Points control whether you get to keep your license or not, the insurance points are what affects your premium.

For instance; a speeding violation under 16 kilometers per hour carries zero MTO Demerit Points but; on your first offence, it will carry one insurance point. Each subsequent offence carries two points. Once you have five points, your insurer will likely kick you to the curb. Once that happens, you will have to shop high-risk insurers like Perth Insurance where your premium can easily quadruple. Hypothetically, you could get 3 tickets, incur zero MTO Demerit points and your insurer is likely to give you the boot. Certain offences like driving while impaired or stunt driving will get you ousted right away. While we are on that topic, so does having your insurance cancelled for non-payment. This also puts you in the high-risk category.

This is why, even though the officer may have given you a break at the roadside, you should challenge every single driving offence that you are charged with.