Solving your tenant issues can be highly technical. Unlike Small Claims Court, the Chair of the Tribunal does not have the ability to liberally interpret the rules. Time and time again, we watch landlord after landlord fail in resolving their tenant issues in a timely manner. This is generally due to a failure in selecting the correct form, process or making a technical error in completing or serving a document. The end result is the tenant stays longer, sometimes months longer, all at the expense of the landlord. Our rates are competitive and we will resolve your tenant issues in the timeliest manner possible. The end result in many cases, is that the overall cost is substantially less than a landlord attempting to navigate the Landlord Tenant Board themselves.

As a Landlord, you have rights and obligations. Certain actions may also be offences. You cannot risk the “let’s just do it and see if we get away with it” mentality. The Residential Tenancies Act has very specific and technical rules for dealing with tenants. The offence and penalty for breaking these rules could be as high as $25,000 for an individual and $100,000 for a corporation. Don’t gamble, if you have an issue or a question, ask an expert.