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 Every legal situation requires action from someone who knows exactly what to do and when to do it. With 27 years experience, Cramer Legal is your one-stop shop if you have a legal issue that falls within our practice areas. We are competent, efficient, affordable and we know exactly what to do.

We understand the importance of maintaining good relationships. We know that when you engage us, we become an extension of your image. We will do everything we can to present that image as being firm but fair, reasonable and professional. We always negotiate on your behalf with your best long term interests in mind.

Unlike many legal professionals, we do not require a retainer for any of our services. Everything we do is pay-as-you-go. No big surprises and no payments up front. You will know exactly what every step of the process will cost. In many instances we are able to provide services for fixed costs as opposed to billable hours. That way you will always know exactly how much you are spending. Don’t forget, if it is a small claims matter, our costs are often added to the judgment so in the long run, the other parties are paying us.

We will never charge you billable hours for communicating with you. This includes letters, emails and phone calls. We encourage you to communicate whenever you feel the need, we know your matter is important. Unless there are special circumstances, we will also not bill you for legal research. We already have a extensive knowledge in our practice areas and we stay on top by researching on our own time.

We promise to respond to you in a timely and professional manner. We will always present all of your options so that you may choose a path that best suits you. Documents, court filings and any steps required with your legal issue will be dealt with promptly.