suspended_drivers_licence_Ontario_cramer_legalRBC V FIELD 2016 Driving without a licence? In this September 2016 decision, the defendant learned of the consequences of driving without a licence and lying to her insurance company about it.
Not only did she lie, but she falsified documents. After getting into an accident, Field falsified documents to prove to her insurance company that her licence suspension was a “mistake”. Initially, the Insurance company paid benefits and then upon learning of the fraud, successfully sued for the recovery of those benefits. This a more than quarter-million-dollar faux pas.

Lessons learned 1) DO NOT drive while your licence is suspended, it can change the course of your life. 2) DO NOT fraud your insurance company. Note, this would apply to you lending your car to a person who does not carry a valid drivers licence as well. It is your responsibility to make sure your car is operated by a licensed driver period.